Multi Style Cap Embroidery

In this project used a multi style embroidery from a classic satin stitch embroidery on the inner circle and 3D Embroidery on the letter ‘t’ and the outer circle.

It created a great raised embroidery effect, showing both flat classic embroidery against the 3D element of the stitches.

3D Cap & Classic Embroidery

Cap Style
5 Panel Trucker Cap

Mustard, Black

Product Link
5 Panel Trucker Cap

3D & Classic Embroidery Combo

3d trucker cap embroidery

3d 5 Panel trucker cap embroidery

Using both 3D and Classic embroidery to create a strong effect.

3D Embroidery Tips

  • When some of the design elements are below 2.5mm consider stitching them into as embroidery.
  • By not trying to make small elements in 3D embroidery, you keep the embroidery clean.

Clean 3D Embroidery

To achieve a good clean and tidy 3D embroidery look at the size elements of your graphic. If the lines are below 2.5mm either thicken them up or work your design that these parts can be sewn in a classic stitch.

Embroidery Area

On this style cap the Crown has a good high area to embroider of up to 70mm depending on the design style. Width to keep the embroidery on the front panel of the cap is 155mm wide.

Embroidery Placements

Embroidery Placements

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. If you are looking for a large embroidery area, have a look at this range of caps here at my t shirt printers.

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