3D Raised Cap Embroidery

A great example of 3D cap embroidery with a white satin stitch embroidery placed around the raised embroidery area. This really pops the 3D embroidery off the cap fabric with great results.

With a wide selection of cap colours to choose from, think about the colour combo’s you could have to make that perfect cap for yourself, your brand or your event.

3d Cap Embroidery

Cap Style
210 Flexfit Cap

Heather Grey

Product Link
210 Premium Flat Peak Cap

Quick 3D Embroidery overview

Keeping the design simple was key in this example. The curves of the design are nice and clean resulting in a smooth finish to the embroidery

The width of the 3D area in green is perfect for the raised effect giving height and body to the embroidery.

The design fitted perfectly on the side of the cap and within the working embroidery area for this style of cap, allowing the cap to move freely without resistance on the design whilst embroidering.

3D Tips

  • Keep your lines in your design between 3mm – 12mm wide.
  • Lines over 12mm will result in a more flat embroidery.
  • Under 3mm will start looking messy, as your trying to cram foam in a small area.

Cost of 3D Embroidery

A few things keep in mind with the cost of 3D embroidery is the stitch count doubles from that of normal embroidery. In Addition to this we have to use a foam builder to raise the embroidery which adds to the cost of the cap. The more you order the cheaper it gets.

Embroidery Area

Wondering what size to design your embroidery, have a browse on our cap embroidery page here. We explain the different specs to work within for the best results.

Embroidery Placements

Embroidery Placements

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. For example most flat peak caps have a higher embroidery area than normal baseball styled caps.

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