Thick 3D Letters

Clean, thick 3D Embroidery on Flexfit baseball caps.

Good Column widths in your design or logo create a good thick 3D embroidery effect.

3D Cap Embroidery

Cap Style
6 Panel Yupoong Baseball


Product Link
6 Panel Yupoong Baseball Cap

Bold 3D Cap Embroidery

high 3d cap embroidery

high 3d cap embroidery

Bold white 3D Embroidery on a Flexfit baseball Cap

3D Embroidery Tips

  • Ideal Column widths are between 3mm-10mm
  • Under 3mm can starts to look untidy

Consider line widths in 3D Embroidery

Line width in 3D embroidery is the most import design elements to consider. Below 3mm can start getting untidy as you are trying to cram foam in a small area. Over 10mm may start getting flat as we start to ‘double stitch’

Embroidery Area

With this style of design, got a result of 57mm high across the width of the cap as the peak of the design wasn’t in the centre of the cap.

Embroidery Placements

Embroidery Placements

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. For example most flat peak caps have a higher embroidery area than normal baseball styled caps.

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