Classic and 3D Combo for F1

The team created these caps for the F1 team. A Combination of 3D Embroidery and Classic Embroidery for the ‘McLaren’ part of the design.

Pushing the limits with column width, the result was perfect.

3D Cap Embroidery

Cap Style
6 Panel Baseball Cap

Graphite Grey

Product Link
6 Panel Beechfield Stretch Cap

Raised Embroidery Over Classic

f1 cap embroidery

f1 cap embroidery

Clean edging around the 3D Embroidery Area, good looking embroidery.

3D Embroidery Tips

  • Max your column width out at 12mm, but try keep it within 10mm.
  • For small detail allow this be be classic embroidery.

Which Embroidery?

When thinking about which route to go, look at your design and decide which elements could work as 3D Embroidery and Which could be a smart classic embroidery.

Embroidery Area

On these F1 Caps the embroidery size was 50mm, which just touched the top curve of the cap.

Embroidery Placements

Embroidery Placements

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. For example most flat peak caps have a higher embroidery area than normal baseball styled caps.

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