University Club Caps

This Cap Embroidery came out great for a University Club. Keeping the detail in the front logo and a good thick black keyline around the embroidery.

A classic cap embroidery on a ‘washed’ style dads cap with a buckle adjust on the back. Above the arch on the back of the cap the customer wanted some custom text over 2 lines, which came out really nice and clean.

Classic Cap Embroidery

Cap Style
6 Panel Dads Caps


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Vintage Styled Cotton Baseball

Back Cap Embrodiery

back cap embroidery

back cap embroidery

The Cap Embroidery detail on the back of the cap, above the arch.

Classic Embroidery Tips

  • If there is lots of detail in the design, make you design as large as you can on the front of the cap as small detail may be lost or look messy.
  • When embroidering letters such as the letters on the back of the cap, make sure they are over 8mm in height for readable text.

Clear Design

A few things keep in mind when looking for a clean embroidery. Small Elements in a design don’t embroider well. Keep elements above 1mm in line thickness to create a smoother and clean embroidery.

Embroidery Area

This cap allowed us an area of 55mm x 150mm wide to fit on the front panel of the cap. On the back we would suggest keep your design within 90mm wide and placing your text over a few lines like this example.

Embroidery Placements

Embroidery Placements

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. For example most flat peak caps have a higher embroidery area than normal baseball styled caps.

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