Navy Life's a Beach Baseball Flexfit Cap

3D & Satin Stitch Combo

Here’s an example of both Satin and 3D embroidery used on a cap. Where the stitches are to small to accomidate the use of foam for the 3D effect a satin stitch has been used.

A nice use of colour in the cap embroidery was used to complete the cap style and colour. An off white stitch for ‘est ’99’ and ‘Bude Cornwall’. Then sapphire blue lines and a white 3D embroidery to give the centre of the logo a real pop!

3D & Satin Stitch


Cap Style
Flexfit Baseball

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Yupoong Flexfit Baseball Cap

Lifes a beach baseball flexfit caps

Using a combination of 3D embroidery and satin stitch embroidery.

3D Embroidery Colours

When embroidery 3D embroidery we use a special foam to help raise the emrboidery off the cap. The foam comes in white and black, which is fine when using white and black stitching to cover the foam.

However when wanting different coloured 3D embroidery you sometimes get show through of the foam underneath. We do clean this up with special techniques but sometimes all can’t be hidden. So be cautious when using multiple colours over the 3D area

Embroidery Area

Wondering what size to design your embroidery, have a browse on our cap embroidery page here. We explain the different specs to work within for the best results.

embroidery cap area

Cap Embroidery Areas

All caps differ in size from embroidery area to area. For example most flat peak caps have a higher embroidery area than normal baseball styled caps.


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