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Top Notch Thread

The thread we use for our cap embroidery has to be hard wearing and be able to give a good retail quality finish to the caps we embroider. This is why we use polyneon threads by Madeira. Not only is this the ideal strong thread to embroider through dense cap fabric, but gives a great finish.


Madeira Polyneon Thread

Polyneon thread offers a wide range of colours which can be closely matched to solid coated pantone colours and on top of this has been tested for harmful substances and approved by ‘confidence in textiles’.

This type of thread is made using a special winding method which is unique to Madeira and helps us embroider caps at a higher speeds without having constant thread breaks. This is very important when embroidering 3D cap embroidery as the thread not only has to pass through a dense cap fabric, but a thick piece of foam on top of the cap fabric to give the raised effect.

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