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Woven Cap Patches & Cap Badges

Cap Patches.

Custom Cap Patches and Cap Badges.

Cap Patches for your Custom Caps

Cap Patches are perfect for high detail graphics and logo’s to be applied to caps.
We heat apply Woven Cap Patches and rubber PVC Patches to your chosen custom cap.

Woven patches are able to capture a finer detail than what embroidery can offer.

With a small minimum order of 50 woven patches, you can either apply them all to your custom cap or have some extra to apply to other items.

For example 25 Caps with your Woven Patch + 25 Woven Patches ready to apply to other items = Total 50 Woven patches.

woven cap patches

Is my design suitable for Custom Woven Cap Patches?

If you compare Cap Embroidery to Woven Cap Patches you will see more complex detail can be achieved with woven patches.

As you can see from the woven cap patch example on this page, the result has sharp lines with crisp detail. Design lines can go below 1mm and is suitable for the majority of designs.

When classic embroidery cannot achieve the detail that is required for a more complex design, a woven cap patch will be the solution. Keep in mind, it’s a patch or a solid styled badge. The Woven patch has a ‘background’, meaning it is not transparent.

Custom shapes from circles, rectangles and shields to your own unique shape can be created with a laser cut edge. This gives you creative freedom when creating your custom cap patch.

If you are unsure, send your design to us and we will check before we even take your project on.

Minimum Order Quantity for Woven Cap Patches.

It’s the big Question, how many do I need to order?

Well it’s Great news, it’s only 50!

Not only is is only 50 woven patches, but you can also apply them to all sorts of other items, like bags, hoodies, jackets. This is because they are produced with a heat seal backing which then can be applied to other items. Order 50 patches and have 25 Caps and the 25 balance to apply to your other items.

Working with you.
For the perfect Cap.


We always recommend printing out your design on a piece of paper to get an idea of how it will look as the fnished product. Don’t over complicate the design as it’s being reduced to a smaller size to suit a cap.


The area on the front of caps for customising with your cap patch design is within 55mm high and 150mm wide. Keep your artwork within this area.

Patch Colours

There is a maximum of 12 colours for woven patches. The more colour the higher the cost. If you have pantone colours, let us know and they will be matched as close too.


The better quality file you provide the higher quality output is achieved. We aim to give you the best results to keep you happy and coming back for more projects.


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