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Have a read through the below guide lines to help you achieve the best from your 3D cap embroidery.

Custom 3D Embroidered Caps.

When looking for custom 3D cap embroidery you want to know that your design is going to work and not just ‘work’ but look great on your caps. That’s where we come in with our years of experience and knowledge on how to create that perfect raised 3D cap embroidery. We advise on the best way forward, what parts of your design need to be tweaked to work so you can expect the best result on your custom caps.

Cost of Raised Cap Embroidery.

3D raised cap embroidery doubles the amount of stitches compared to a standard embroidery, so the size of your design will be a factor in the costing. Other factors are what style of cap and quantity would you like. One off samples will take on all the set up costs, which will impact the cost of your cap. Once the setup is done, you do not pay this again.

3d cap embroidery on snapback caps

A Great Result starts from a Great Design.
Helpful tips on creating 3d Cap Embroidery.


Keep your custom design simple with impact. More complex elements may end up looking messy. Think about using a mix of flat and 3D embroidery to add extra dimension if you have a complex elements in your design.


Embroidery areas vary from cap to cap. On average work within 65mm high and 155mm wide. Some caps can go slightly larger, but start within this area for the best results on your custom caps.


The width of lines in your design is very important for the result you want to achieve. Good puff starts from a 3mm wide line to 12mm wide line. Under 3mm and over over 12mm will result in a less raised embroidery.


Start with these basic pointers first and the result you get will be great. We can always offer advice on your design, logo or font style – just email it over we’ll take look and get back to you.


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