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Cap Embroidery Restrictions

When working with blank caps, we have certain restrictions to contend with. Here in our studio we have the top of line embroidery machines which offer the largest cap embroidery area in UK, but this also comes down the style of cap and the area we are able to decorate with your design.

Cap Restrictions?

When working with blanks caps we have to be able to hoop the different locations.

What’s a hoop?
This is the frame that holds the cap in place whilst it’s being embroidered. It is important that we can hoop the area of the cap so that’s it sits flat and straight when on the embroidery machines.

If the area we are trying to embroider has for example a bulky seam or plastic fastner this will cause the embroidery to warp resulting in a mess to put it plain and simple. We do try to push the boundaries which sometimes work but it’s not always possible. Have a look our cap embroidery page here to see the best locations for your custom cap embroidery.

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