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Cap Embroidery Cost

A few factors impact on the cost of cap embroidery, from the quantity of stitches in your design, how many locations, style of cap, type of embroidery and the quantity of caps you order. So lets go through this minefield and see what is taken into account when working out that custom cap quote.

What’s the cost?

You’ve gone through the whole process of finding the perfect cap to fit your needs and now what’s the price to embroider this item with your design or company logo.

Stitch Count
First we have to work out stitch count. How this works is based on the size and how complex your design is. For instance a small design may only be 5000 stitches, enlarge that same design and it jumps up to 15000 stitches. The more stitches in the design the longer the embroidery takes and the more thread it uses.

Secondly how many locations would you like embroidered, such as embroidery placed on the front of the cap and an additonal embroidery on the back of the cap. This adds to the overall time of customising your personalised cap.

Quantity and Cap Style
Then we move onto what style of cap and the quantity you need. There is a wide variety of caps to choose from, if you are on a budget looking for low cost caps or a higher end retail quality cap. What also has an impact of the end price is the quantity you require, the more caps ordered in a single order the cheaper the cost per cap becomes.

So have a browse through blank cap options in our shop, add them to your quote basket, send over your design and we can take all the guess work out for an accurate quote with no harsh surprises.

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